Irie Capital Corporation is a privately held investment and holding company with a mandate to source, and invest in small-mid tier businesses. Our focus is on equity investments with the following criteria:

  • Established brand recognition or potential
  • Strong track record of positive EBITDA between $500,000-$5,000,000
  • Privately held and/or owner operator structure 
  • Management is closely involved and has invested their own capital into the business 
  • Opportunity for succession and transition strategies
  • High customer loyalty in the communities in which they operate
  • Community orientation with a strong sense of corporate citizenship and social conscious 
  • Sustainable in both profit and purpose 
  • Focus on inclusion, Diversity, and ESG 




In addition to capital, we provide expertise to help turn business ideas into growth opportunities.

  • Marketing- innovative marketing activities and initiatives that are optimized against community building
  • Strategy- a progressive approach to lead businesses into prosperity 
  • Operations- protocols and best in class practices linked to the organization's inner purpose 
  • Growth- developing a culture that drives results 
  • Networks- connecting partners throughout the value chain and building systems 

Affiliated Organizations

Irie Real Estate Ltd.



Irie Dog Daycare Ltd.